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Foreign Trade





Defined as international or global trade, the exchange of goods, products and services between two countries (one exporter and one importer).





That is the COMEXI:


COMEXI is a forum for cooperation in trade policies and investments.

Its mission is to maintain a constant link between the public and private sectors to jointly establish guidelines for short, medium and long term to boost the country's trade relations with the outside.

The COMEXI establishes strategies to encourage the productive sector with the goal of opening markets and encourages the modernization of the State. The institution was created in the framework of the Law on Foreign Trade and Investment (LEXI) and seeks the effective participation of the private sector in its implementation.

COMEXI is also head of the National Systems External Promotion and Investment Promotion, the latter created by the Act on the Promotion and Guarantee of Investments, which are aimed at establishing an institutional and a scheme of coordination at the country allow proper use of human, technical and economic data in the task of selling Ecuador's image abroad and especially efficient development activities promoting and diversifying exports and attracting foreign direct investment to the productive sectors.



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